What are your key skills and attributes?

Explain the specific skills you have developed in your career.

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What specific skills would you want to acquire with further training and development?

What have you achieved in your current role and how did you achieve thse results?

Describe some of the projects in which you have been involved.

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Describe any new ideas, innovations, recommendations, decisions or procedures you have implemented that you think made a difference.

Describe the type of conditions under which you have been most successful in your projects.

What motivates you in a work environment?

How do you sustain momentum during difficult periods of pressure and shifting priorities?

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Explain why you see yourself as more technically oriented or management oriented or even both?

What sort of personnel have you supervised and how many?

What is your typical management style?

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What do you like about your current role?

What do you dislike about a role?

What differentiates you from others?

Please describe your future plans.

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