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We endeavour to enable our partners and clients to reach their peak performance by providing them with the necessary resources.



Performance Resources is a small consultancy focused on corporate governance and information security. The main field of interest is how corporate governance handles technology.

Although the classical organisation chart peaks with the chief executive who is actively involved in the governance of the incorporated entity, corporate governance mainly belongs to the Board of Directors. Since governance is distinctly different from management, the questions of how to separate the two activities and what should belong where arises.

While corporate governance is a complex and important area of the incorporated entity, it can be summed up using two simple terms:

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Board of Directors and executive management involved in the governance of the organisation need to ask the following two main questions in relation to the above terms:

In light of such questions it can be suggested that due care involves the establishment of information security controls, while due diligence involves the maintenance of such controls.

Performance Resources can provide comprehensive answers to the above questions using a systematic approach to address the governance concerns of Board of Directors and senior management relating to information security, risk and business continuity.

We also offer information security management solutions in framework format, including information security strategy, risk management, information security architecture, etc. Our frameworks are based on international standards and best practice. More information is available on these frameworks here.

If we can assist you in any ways please feel free to contact us.

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