The 7+1 Frameworks© Methodology

The methodology Performance Resources uses was developed over a reasonably long period of time. It is the result of our experience in assisting executive level managers and directors of Boards in their quest to meet the ever increasing demands of due care and due diligence.

These directors and executive managers are responsible to meet regulatory and legal requirements of protecting non-public information stored on their incorporated entity's information systems. They are measured by the applied security practices. However these officers are usually not technologically astute, yet since the "buck stops with them", they need assurance that they fulfill due care and due diligence requirements.

So they ask questions. Many questions, as a matter of fact. Some of such questions are listed below:

Since these were recurring questions our consultants needed to answer, we decided to take a methodical approach in providing answers. We selected the seven most often asked questions and built a solution framework around each.

We discuss both the questions and the frameworks answering these questions in the related pages. A link to relevant capabilities our consultants posess is also provided for each framework.

If we can assist you in any ways please feel free to contact us for further information. Our consultants will be happy to assist you with your enquiry.

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