Overview of The 7+1 Frameworks©

Performance Resources' methodology consists of seven frameworks relating to aspects of an organisation's information security lifecycle. The frameworks are built around questions that Directors of the Board and senior managers usually ask. While this may indicate that these frameworks are for incorporated entities, any organisation can also apply them.

The eighth component is a roadmap. It is integerated with the seven frameworks and provides a tool to plan and implement the frameworks. Although the roadmap can be used independently from the frameworks, we recommend to take advantage of the advanced thinking and structure built into these frameworks.

The 7+1 Frameworks are:

  1. Part 1   Quick Risk Assessment Framework

  2. Part 2   Risk Control Framework

  3. Part 3   Information Security Management Framework

  4. Part 4   Information Security Policy & Standard Framework

  5. Part 5   Information Security Governance Framework

  6. Part 6   Information Security Strategy Framework

  7. Part 7   Information Security Implementation Framework

Finally, completing our methodology there is the

  1. Part 8   Information Security Roadmap.

The details of each framework are discussed on these pages. The discussion of each framework follows this format:

Where there are further details available, a link is provided. As our academic research continues in the field of corporate governance relating to information security, we will make every effort to publish our findings as soon as practically possible. We also endeavour to apply these findings to practice and will continue to improve our frameworks.

If we can assist you in any ways please feel free to contact us for further information. Our consultants will be happy to assist you with your enquiry.

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